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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!the gears or sprockets are mechnical elements designed to trasmite turning movements 

cylindrical gears they have a cylinder shape they trasmite the movement between parallel shafst
conical gears they have a truncated cone shape they trasmite the movement between perpendicular shafts
gears with straigh teeth  the teeth follow straight lines as you can see in the previous section
gears with helical teeth  they have curved teeth they are quiter than gears with straight teeth for this reasonthey are used in the gears boxes of cars
fuctionin of gears  motor gear clockwise idler gear rotates counter clockwise driven gears clockwise

trasformation of the movement strength and speed
speed reducer mechanims 
the motor gear is smaller than autput gear 
the autput gear will turn more slowly but it will be able to carry out more   force 
speed multiplier mechanims  the motor gear is bigger than the autput gear
the autput gear will rotate faster but may carry out less force
compound gears  the gears are used to reduce the speed of a motor is necesary to turn to the assembly of several pairs of consecutive gears. The best way to assamble these cascade gears is using compound gears.
gears need lubrication 
  • to reduce friction incrasing the effincienci 
  • to reduce the noise generated when the gears turn
  • o reduce the wear of the teeth incrasing the useful life on the gears

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