Elements and functions of communication

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· Language to call on our ability to communicate, ie transmit knowledge ... Etc.
· Lactea communicative little boy is given, then we need elements called components of communication:
sends the message
Receiver receives the message
Message-what is communicated
-reference to the idea that the message refers. (animal, thing, etc.).
Canal via the message transport (air, paper, etc.).
Code-set of signs and rules that allow us to build the message.
According to the intention · lemissor, speak different language functions:
Emotional-feeling lemissor (alas!, Uixx!)
Conativa receptor-modifying behavior, imperatives (do it!)
Amanda Tapping-contact, focused on how this channel. (I feel? ... If ....)
Aesthetics-known for the way the message
Reverential-didactic books
-Metalinguistic (rules)

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