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Middle ages v-XV 472- fall rom emp 1453 fall byzantine emp 1492theocentrism  GIDO D’AREZZO created , named notes, created steave and clefs. Si (note) was taken from Sancte Loanes. Clefs CFG.

monophony Pope Gregory I collected, classified and unified the chants of the Christian liturgy.  Gregorian chants, syllabic, neumatic, melismatic.

polyphony The Ars Antiqua School 12th 13th century was formed at the Gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris by the musicians Léonin and Pérotin de Grand. The Ars Nova School 14th century owes its name to the book written by the musician Philippe de Vitry.  Trobadours and minstrels t: chivalric ideals, minstrels, romances, virelais ,ballads

Renaissance. XV-XVII  anthropocentrism, protestantism, humanism rationalism over superstition 1440- invention of printing press 1501- Perucci printed the 1st music book, polyphonic chansons. Patronage Florence, dominant family THE MEDICI


-MOTET preformed by more than 3 parts, same religious text

-MASS based on liturgical texts in Latin

- CHORALE protestant liturgy, local lenguaje

chomposers ITALY Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestina SPAIN Tomás Luis de Victoria GERMANY Martin Luther




- VILLANCICO Spain . The name cames from the tunes that peasants sang in the villages. Not a christmas charol.

chomposers ITALY Claudio Monteverdi SPAIN Juan del Encina  FRANCE Josquin de Prés

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