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I.- were

II.- they weren´t so late for the class
/it wasn´t a nice day yesterday
/i wasn´t angry with you
/the doctor wasn´t work until midnight
/susan wasn´t a friend of mine
III.- why was she late yesterday*
/was the test easy
/were tom and simon at the party last saturday
/was katy at the restaurant...
/where were you..
IV.- enjoyed
V.- i didn´t have problems...
/she didn´t study for the...
/you didn´t go to..
/it didn´t rain all...
/my dad didn´t eat...
VI.- went,drove,looked,ate,was,went,left,swam,walked,wasn´t,bought,went,was,slept
VII.- i didn´t watch a film/did i watch a film?
 you didn´t sleep eight hours/did you sleep eight hours?
 she won the lottery/she didn´t win the lottery
 mark played chess/did mark play chess?
 they forgot their keys/they didn´t forget the keys
VIII.- my sister didn´t go to mexico
 we weren´t at home last night
 did you play football?
 mary wasn´t at the party
 chile won the football match last thursday

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