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1-a)The winner was a girl who had never...b)It was a great day when we won.c)Karen always runs in South Park where it´s peaceful.d) John whose main interest is chess is friendly with people. e)The football club made a deal which/that involved 4 players. f)We had a very exciting time who/that went to Olympics. g)Tom watched the match which they won.

2-a)no b)no c)si d)si e)no f)si g)no h)no i)si j)si

3-a)what the name of the book you had yesterday?(NO) b)I only watch films (that) are romantic or funny c)She has just sacked the trainer (who) has worked with her for 5 years d)I can´t find the biscuits I bought yesterday(NO) e)In the final, Paul lost to...(NO) f)Find a website (that) has information about...

4-a) This town´s football club, whose goalkeeper plays for the national team, is very succssful. b)Our sports centre, where I often meet my friends, is closing. c)I  spoke to my maths teacher, who told me revise for the exam. d)The police fined her for dropping litter, which is illegal in this country. e)Mark, whose brother is a well-known noveliste, won the writing competition.

5-a)My favourite programme, which is about a crazy family, is very funny. b)The people who cheered the winner loudly ere waiting at the finishing line. c)Most of the campsites I´ve stayed in campsites have been fine. d)The young actor, who is also learning to become a director, is very successful. e)My cousin, who is only ten, knows all about formula 1. f) The magazine which I left at Ben´s had a good article about skateboarding in. g)An awful band, which we saw and whose name I can´t remenber on Friday night.   

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