Elizabethan Theater

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The theater building was very simple construction of wood or stone, often circular or octagonal. They had thatched parties that easy Often the fire engulfed. They usually consist of two or three plants that eregi around a central area for the measure and was discovered. This arrangement reminiscent of English inns (inn) of two or more floors, where the galleries leading into the guest rooms. In the absence of local comedians accustomed to operating in these inns. Hence, when building a theater, from the known architecture of the inns. Attached to a part of the courtyard was the scene that consisted of two parts: 1 - Proscenium stage: it occupies the middle court. 2 - Scenario higher: to house musicians, to pulleys to raise or lower characters or box. The ability of the best of these theaters walked around the two thousand spectators. The mean external action was in the twenty-five feet in diameter by ten feet high. It is believed that there were some trapdoors in the stage floor, which may have developed sepulchral scenes (Hamlet) and appearances from below. This scenario is protected by a subject covered by two large columns and on this deck was a small tower where a herald placed a flag on the representation indicating whether it was comedy (white flag) or tragedy (black flag). Given also the level at which British theaters have also used the upper floor for installation of machinery with which declines were to be actors or accessories.

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