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ELVIS LIVES!F: It was as her 11th Birthday approached in 1960 that Karen wrote to Elvis, who was serving as an American GI in GermanyF: Even though they [her Family] realised its value to collectors, they donated the letter to the local Elvis Presley society?: Elvis´s letter took so Long in reaching his fan because the letter was mislaid by the landlady who was Asked to post it to the girl. It was not until the landlady´s relatives were Cleaning the house many years later that they accidentally discovered the Letter and donated it to the Elvis Presley society who finally gave the letter To Karen?:Karen cried when she Received the letter and her plans are to keep it rather than to sell it because She was moved to learn that her idol had written back to her a) swooned c) staying b)grave   d) tracking down a) their—was  c)to--could b)was found—was cleaned out d)Elvis that she would marry him if he sent her His autograph


T:To the Chinese, a dragon was an immensely wise animal which Brought good luck

F:All these dragons do have some things in common, however. They Tend to be shown with huge bat-like wings, long toothed jaws like a crocodile, Piercing eyes, sharp eagle-like talons and huge scaly bodies – and they can Often breathe fire?: Dragons appear in different ways according to cultures. For Example, in Scandinavia, dragons were seen as evil and dangerous monsters. On The other hand, the Greeks considered dragons virtuous and intelligent Creatures. For both cultures dragons are powerful and strong creatures?: At first sight, it seems possible to think that there is a Connection between dragons and dinosaurs, due to their close resemblance. However, taking into account that dinosaurs disappeared before the first humans Appeared, it is implausible to think of them as connected to dragons. Nevertheless there is a theory claiming that humans evolved at the same time That huge lizards did. These huge lizards, which were smaller than dinosaurs But bigger than anything known today, may have inspired the figure of the Dragon. a) wise  c) resemble b) guarding  d) submerged a)have formed –to Know  c) largest---bigger b)is Seen---because  d)that Dragons had played an important role in his life.

Pointing the Finger

F:A report published in “Developmental Medicine in Child Neurology” suggests that people with autism Have ring fingers that are abnormally long compared with their index fingersF:Early symptoms – a failure To point at things, follow the gaze of someone else, or engage in pretend play- Are often obvious by the tender age of 18 months. ?: Two researchers from Britain have studied that fingers can indicate many things, such as fertility And sexual preference. Now, they are studying the length of fingers and the Ratio between the length of the index and ring fingers because they think that It may be related to autism and a similar syndrome, the Asperger´s syndrome?: According to the text, Babies with autism cannot point at things or follow someone else´s gaze, nor Can they engage in pretend play. In addition to this, when they are children They have difficulties interacting with others due to the fact that they have a Low intelligence and that their ability to communicate by gestures is very Limited a) creases   c) ratio b)the gaze   d) average a) are fixed---to be Governed   c)earlier---easier b) although—to   d)I Could never imagine that my fingers could say so many things.

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