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When was the Renaissance? (In the 15th century)

Who was Justinian? (A Byzantine emperor)

27 BC - Octavian became known as Augustus and became the first Roman Emperor (the start of the roman empire)

324 AD - work started on Constantinople and Constantine made it the new capital of the Empire.

375 AD - The Huns entered Germanic territory. The Germanic Tribes had to move into territory of the Roman Empire

380 AD - Christianity became the official religion of the empire

395  AD - Theodosius divided the empire into two. The western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.

476 AD - The Fall of the Roman Empire in the west

After the division of the empire, the Western Roman Empire was invaded by barbarians

Today barbarian or barbaric means aggressive and mild

To the romans were described to the romans were the name of the tribes that settled outside

In the territories in the west, several kingdoms were established,eg

The ostrogoths in Italy

The visigoths in Spain

The Franks in Gaul

Elective monarchies-The king was chosen by an elite group

Later they became hereditary-this means the monarch’s child ( son) became king after his death

  • Say the importance of the cities and the country sites:

Country sites: With the time the number of rural property increased. After the crisis the big landowners increased their property occupying land that the peasants had been forced to abandon because of large debts from higs taxes.

Urban society: The ruling class consisted of the large rural landowners, who usually lived in cities. The lower class consisted of smalls merchants, carftsmen organised into collegia and slaves.

4.2 The Byzantine Empire:

Justinian’s conquest( see maps on pages 66 and 67)

He captured Italy from Ostrogoths

He captured the south of Spain from the Visigoths

He captured the north coast of Africa from the Vandals

He captured Corsica , Sardinia and the balearic islands from the Vandals

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