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 The SCAFFOLDS provided are activities and tasks that motivate or enlist the child's interest related to the task:  

 Simplify the task to make it more manageable and achievable for a child  
 Provide some direction in order to help the child focus on achieving the goal 
 Clearly indicate differences between the child's work and the standard or desired solution 
 Reduce frustration and risk 
 Model and clearly define the expectations of the activity to be performed (Bransford, Brown, and Cocking, 2000).

• It engages the learner: The learner does not passively listen to information presented instead through teacher prompting the learner builds on prior knowledge and forms new knowledge.
• It can minimize the level of frustration of the learner: This is extremely important with many special needs students, who can become frustrated very easily then shut down and refuse to participate in further learning during that particular setting.  
scaffold instruction is individualized so it can benefit each learner. 

working with a webquest is a process clearly outlined, motivating, authentic, with examples and also with assessment

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