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stop dissonance independent re-structured brushstrokes imagination time  dodecaphonism-all the established order and organisation of sounds disappeared-arnold schoenberg electronic music-sounds are created, processed and recorded electronically-karheinz stockhausen musique concrete-recording of different sounds and later processing these in the studio-pierre schaeffer neoclassicism-a return to formal clarity and went back to the Classicism and the Baroque-sergei prokofiev impressionism-sound becomes a vehicle of the inner sensations produced by the real world-claude debussy aleatoric music-indefinite music that depends on chance and the freedom of the performer-john cage minimalism-employs limited or minimal musical materials-phillip glass  the pink panther-henry mancini the mission-ennio morricone gone with the wind-max steiner psychosis-bernard herrman james bond-john barry star wars-john williams  cinematograph was invented by lumiere brothers.In the first years of silent films, they showed movies while a pianist or small orchestra played along.They performed mixed bags of popular melodies or classical music arrangements, according to the different atmospheres or emotions that appeared on the screen. Sounds effects were made with the so-called “theatre organ”  Movies with sound began to appear in 1927 with The Jazz Singer, using a record player synchronized with the projector. Film production companies started to hire composers who wrote specific soundtracks for their movies diegetic-it illustrates an image in which a sound source appears non-die.This one constitutes the true work of the composer, whose aim is to create a sound atmosphere that suits the narration. It helps create a suitable atmosphere for the progress of the action.It has an influence on the audience and it creates a particular psychological effects.It holds the story by giving a sense of continuity to the film

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