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Electric energy: P=V·I and according to Ohm´s law; P=I^2·R.Energy consumed The electric energy depends on time that it is working 1kWh=3,6·10^6 J. 4 Efects of the electric currents Different possibilities we have to transform this energy into others. But we can´t forget that all of these transformations imply a loss of energy. Thermal effect: in a iron electric energy is transformed in the thermal one. This energy is due to the energy of the electrons moving, when they hit the atoms of the energy is due the energy of electrons moving, when they hit the aytoms of the conductor, they transmit part of this energy provoking an increasing in its temperature.N=Energy produced/Energy sonsumed · 100. Thermal energy given out in a conductor depends on: The intensity of the curren that crosses the circuit(I). The resistance of the conductor(R). The time operating (t). Its law is: E=I^2·R·t

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