Enfermedades de los sistemas respiratorio y digestivo

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CAVITIES:consist of the progressive destruction of teeth due to attacks from the bacteria which live in the mouth. the only way to prevent cavities is to ensure your dental hygiene is appropiate and to go to the dentist. 

ULCERS: is a small wound which appears on the wall of the estomach or the duodenum. An ulcer is generally cansidered to be related to stress.

GASTRITIS: is the inflamation of the walls of the stomach and it causes a burning sensation and makes digestion difficult. It is a very common illness and it can be effectively treated with drugs.

GASTROENTERITIS: is caused by an infection provoked by a virus or bacteria or by food poisoning. It causes discomfort, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. It can be cured by a few days rest.

BRONCHITIS: is an inflammation os the bronchia due to an infectioncaused by a bacterium, It is cured by antibiotic treatment and it is important to supervise the evolution of the patient.

ASTHMA: is caused by the sudden contraction of the muscles of the bronchioles which makes breathing particulary difficult. This contraction is due to an allergic reaction.

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