Enfermedades del sistema circulatorio

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Arteriosclerosis: is a serious illness caused by the accumulation of fats in the arteries which causes them to narrow and restricts the blood flow.

Thrombosis: is due to the forming of blood clots in a bloos vessel. The blood clot circulates until it reaches a narrow blood vessel where it gets stuck. In this way, the blood is prevented from reaching the area where the obstruction is. This illness can have serious consequences, especially if the obstruction occurs in the brain or the heart.

Heart attacks: kill a part of the heart due to the total obstruction of the arteries. Caused an intense pain in the chest which goes down the left arm and which does not disappear with rest.

Angina: coronary art. partly blocked. Heart muscle will get less oxygen. It produces lactate --- it causes chest pain.

Myocardial Infarction: Fully blocked. This part receives no oxygen. Some of the muscle dies.

Lymphatic System

Is made up of a series of ganglions and vessels which run through the body, with related organs such as the thymphatic system has dual function. It takes part in the process of circulation by transporting fats and it's essential for the immune system, that is the body's mechanism for defence against infection.

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