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1. What is The poem about based on evidence in the poem? Explain.

The poem is about the idea of hope And encouragement to move on in life, despite all difficulties, and no matter How tough life may become.

Longston Hughes mother telling him That even with the hardships of life I’ve been climbing and struggling all my Life and it wasn’t a perfect life but I’m still climbing so I tell you boy you Do the same and don’t think life is easy you will struggle so keep moving own.

2. What does the language do for this poem? Explain.

- The poem is Written in the form of a dramatic speech in black dialect.

It shows that His mother might have not been educated and that she might have learned English By her own because of her race and segregation in America at the time.

3. The Title automatically lets you know who is speaking in this poem. If that title Was missing, who do you think would be the speaker instead?

- If the poem Was not directed from “Mother to Son,” it could be from someone who cares or a Big speech person such as Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Langston Hughes is an African American poet. Why is the term “dark” and “light” in lines 12 and 13 so important in this piece with that information in mind?

- The duality Of darkness and lightness. Because it showed that even with no hope or nothing To escape there is still chance to do something about it in other words there Is still light.

5. What Are some pieces of figurative language (metaphor, alliteration, simile, etc.) That you can find in this poem?

- Metaphor: “crystal stair” compared to life.

- Alliteration: "Tell", ", "tacks", " "torn", "time", "places", "peace","climb", "corners", "carpet".

- Simile: No simile in the poem because there is no (like or as)

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