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Mec: injection system: lightweight motors: rotary injection pump distributor mecanico.Bomba cn d d high pressure rotary injection and common-control mecanico.Sistema d rail.Inyector electronic control bomb. Motors Heavy d injection pump mechanical rotary distributor cn . giratorio.Inyector pump plunger pump linear d cn electronic control unit mecanico.Sistema common-rail.Bomba.

Moldboard plows: Sorting: x the disposition d the body (fixed and reversible) x nd body (monosurco, polisurco) x d flip mechanism (fixed reversible) x size.parts: coupling, bed, bodies (moldboard and grill guard) dump mechanism, mechanism of regulation and anti-snag sist.

Xa Machines subscribers: subscriber sumistra the terrain and elements necessary oligoelemntos qcos xa d ls l plantas.Tipos development: fertilizer centrifugal: xa solidos.trabaja mineral fertilizers by force centrifuga.Partes: Bin dnd is exa manure. Stirrer stirs and chops the abono.Dosificador reacts abono.Distribuidor the amount of manure spreading. Manure trailer space D: has only one bottom Ex. d 2O3 box chains have q spin x uns rollers located n the two ejs.en rear is the mechanism of force dl distribuidorrecibe TDF.Liquid fertilizer Space Cuba: termica.va tank mounted on a reverse remolq.suele mov dl d turn xa q acts inch engine compressor or compressor depresor.dl q a pipe enters the tank.

Chainsaw: powerplant: 2T engine cooled x aire.deposito d fuel valve sist d d arranq cn dscomprsion, clutch, pinion elemntos d d drag and security. Organo d cutting: chain, chain guide and treasure d d lubrication syst. Elemntos d Security: aceledador blocker dl (acia q key exits out, the machine does not accelerate if not pressed) protector of hand (left hand xa q will not chain) protector of chain (d ensanxamiento handle) teeth d support (dig into the bark) Antivibration tacos.Cold Arranq: dscompresion d tighten the valve, lock the brakes on switch ignite, close the throttle, acceleration d block the trigger and put the machine on the floor sujtandola cn the left hand pie.Con subject the front handle and cn the dxa pull the rope d d arranq.se opens the throttle, pull the rope sta d w arranq opens the choke a little if todo.acelerarla dl stops.

Shredders: large capacity machines d work d q xa clearings used selectivos.desbrozan not breaking the bush djando remains in the soil so enriquecerlo.se xa enganxar the action x tripunta and the work is mounted TDF.xa sbr q arm motor is driven x hidraulico.en your back is the box torceta and ngranajes.3tipos d: string (clearing work with strings, turning orizontal? are made, has height d cut) blade (organo d q cuxillas cort are demnuzan the mat) hammers

Skkider: drag troncos4x4.dispone d d drag logs right motor xa n cnt to pot and two low-rto d motor.tien xo turn has great cilindrada.tiene large pot resistencia.elevan d ls d elemnts condicions sensibles.buena adherencia.buenas security. robust transmission (servo, direct and idrostatica) Elemnts: abestrant (single or double q mnta sbr is the action x semichasis and TDF) arc integral (dl behind turret winch, cn a roll in the raising part sup y2laterals.permite logs) shield (armor back q q serves as supportive xa ls logs) lead sheet (serves xa ls move and stack logs, anchoring tb xa) staple idraulica (sbr the semichasis mounts, use xa q down logs without using cable l ).Form d work: d you come to work instead, anchored the shovel and put the brake put the Khon estacionamiento.se d and d free caskillos enganxar ls ls chokes.se operates the winch and join the trozas.se releases machine d anchor and begins desemboq.

Crane idraulica: Work is an accessory d xa transport.se can put in the truck and mounted on a frame tractors.se, ntr cab and the box or end ésta.se hydrostatic drive / pump through a high-powered P dsd laTDF.2tipos: Extended (dl carried the box truck sbr) foldable (fold in the form d Z) Rotator: q This is what allows the rotation to be indispensable staple xa take the load, are formed x continuo.Grapa d turn valve q is opened or d cierra.la load capacity decreases in proportion to the length dl arm.

Retroaraña: cn retroescabadora rack hydrostatic end d giratorio.tien2ruedas paws cylinder powered x idraulicos.las forelegs are telescopicas.4x2, cancel enterrenos bad bridges and moving the front legs forestales.cabezas d reptando.son typical processed desbrozadors

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