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1. If the bus doesn't arrive on time, we will be late.
2. If Tom hadn't drunk alcohol, he wouldn't have had an accident.
3. He would live in poverty but for his father's fortune.
4. She can't hear you inless you shout.
5. Tell him the truth otherwise he'll be angry.
6. If the fridge hadn't been empty we wouldn't have some to the pizza shop.
7. If they knew the truth they wouldn't be happy.
8. If there hadn't been a rock in the middle of the road they wouldn't have had an accident.
9. If she weren't a good athlete she wouldn't win all the competitions.
10. If I had his phone number I would phonee him.
11. You will pass as long as you make an "effort".
12. They would feel more pleased If they won the match.
13. Had she slept better, she would have passed the exam.
14. We can go to the concert providing you pay the tickets.

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