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Cmp: I am w in ordr t cmpl ab/Th fst thng I wld lke t draw yr attention t is/In th scnd place/...Was also unaccep/I therefore sugg that I be givn a full refund. I look forward to hearing from you

Sgg: I am w t sgg/Frst of all I sgg/A further possibility is/Wld y therefore mind choosing between
dmnd info: I am w t receive further info ab/Th frst thng I wld lke t knw is/Could y also tll m/I hpe y might also let me know about/Thnkng y in advnce
Gv info: I am w t provide y wht inf ab/I wld lke t begin by informing u/Another piece of info tht might b useful/I wld also like t inform u tht/I will willingly provide further inf on request
perm: I am w t request permission t-fr/Frst of all I wonder whether y wld mind/I wld b grateful if y wld also consider/Mnay thnks fr kindly considering my requests
IL- I hope y & yr fam r well. It's a shame we havn't seen each other for a couple of years but like y no doubt, I've been up t my eyes in work/Whatever you do, make sure you/Just imagine how it would(), not to mention()I’ll finish now as I’m running out of space/Looking forward to hearing from you/Best wishes
ESS- It is often argued that.Hwevr, dspte sme attractions, on balance the disadvantages outweigh the adv/Gone are the days when/Some have made a good start in this direction, but most have done far too little.

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