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It is not until people realised how harmfully food corporations treated their production that they began looking for alternatives. This has provoked / triggered / sparked / led to  a paradigm shift (significant change ) in the way people shop and their attitude towards genetically modified products. These texts analyse / look into / explore this issue that strikes a chord with the vast majority of the general public, but from different perspectives.

Firstly, regarding the first passage, it is said that seldom do people who buy naturally processed food know what genetically modified products really are. I personally feel that this is, somehow, untrue. It is the people who buy organic food the ones who realize how damaging the rest of the food is. Not only because of the chemicals but also the quality and the flavour. Moreover, the extract also states that such is the price of organic food, that people who consume it are considered priviledged and well off in terms of money. In my humble opinion, this will resonate with many people because shopping for organic products is fraught with difficulties. Such products should be accesible to everyone, but it is a compelling evidence that only wealthy people can pay for them, even though a lot of people want to help the environment.
The second text puts forward the idea that, due to the massive production farms and the appearance of chemicals in their products, organic farming flourished. One of the drawbacks of these chemicals is that new diseases have developed causing an increase in people's awareness on the matter. I would like to stress that were it not for the damaging effects of the food, this organic alternative would not have become this successful . Furthermore, the next point the text asserts is that, detrimental as chemicals are on humans, they also impinge on the environment. There is no doubt in my mind that flora and fauna that are affected by all these pesticides suffer as much as the people who consume them in their food.
All in all, the world would surely be a better place to live if this issue of the utmost urgency would be assessed immediately. Under no circumstances should we allow ... At this pace.Finally not until we act promptly will the environment stop suffering from humans selfishness.

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