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Amazing: asombrosoArrest: stop
Brave: valienteBreak into: entering a building with violence
Character: personajeChef: chewing
Chewing gum: chicleCitizen: city
Clever: listoCrime: crime
Crime Scene: crimenDangerous scenario: hazardous
Difficult: difícilEvidence: test
Review: examinarFine: fine
Fingerprints: Fingerprints
Illegal: ilegalInterrogate: interoogar
Researcher: investigadorJail: jail
Justice: justiciaLaw: law
Murder: asesinarPunishment: punishment
Orphan: huerfanoScary: fear
Solve: resolverSteal: steal
Stick: pegarStreetcar: tram
Thief: ladronUnusual: Fierce
Useful: utilViolent: violent
Weapon: armaWitness: witness
Workhouse: orphanage
Can: power-knowledge
They Can Speak Inglés.
Can They speak Inglés?
They can not speak Inglés.
Could, could-wise
Could she run fast.
Could she run fast?
She Could not run fast.
Must: duty
Student Must Do Their homework.
Student's must-eat in the classroom
Have to, have to
I have to study tonight
Does I Have to study tonight?
He does not have to study tonight.
Should, should
Should Peter go to the doctor.
Peter Should go to the doctor?
Peter shouldn't go to the doctor.
May / Might: You may.
I may / might go to the party.
I may / might Not to the party.
May I visit your house?
PRES. SIMPLE: I never play basketball (always, Usually, Often, something)
PRES. CONTINUED: Studying Inglés she is now (now, right now, at the moment)
PAST. Continuous: While She Was Studying Inglés (while)
PAST. SIMPLE: I Was Studying Inglés When He Arrived (when)
PRES.PERF. SIMPLRE: I Have Studied a lot for the exam. (Today, this morning, for, sincere, just)
WILL + infinitive: I think she will come tomorrow.
For people: WHO
For sites: WHERE
For things and animals: WHICH
Someone means someone
Something means something
SOMEWHERE means somewhere
1. I could not watch the show last night because I was studying. Did I helped you?
1.I Could not watch the Programme last night Because I Was Studying. Did you help me?
2. I do not go to the game on Thursday I have to study for the English exam.
2. I must go to the match on Thursday i have to study for the exam Inglés.
3. you should not leave this noche.tu should do your homework. Can you help?
3. you shouldn't go out toninght You Should do your homework. Can you help me?
4. thieves broke into my house yesterday. They broke a window and stole the money.
4. the thieves broke into my house yesterday. They broke a window and They stole the money.
6. Can you come to the beach this afternoon? I should not not go swimming.
6.can you come to the beach this afternoon? I shouldn't go I can not swin.
7. the police must investigate the crime. They should examine evidence and arrest criminals.
7. Have the police to Investigate the crime. Must They examine the Evidence and arrest the criminals.
8. Can you speak English? No, but I should be the know. I have to go to England next summer.
8. can you speak Inglés? No, But I Should loam. I have to go to England next summer.

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