Old English (anglo Saxon) period (600-1485)

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During his reign, Wessex was the most important kingdom. He united all kingdoms against Vikings.He encouraged the spread of literature in Vernacular: Old English.

He promoted Learning, art in religion. He encouraged monks to do translations. He order Translations and brought people from monasteries who could read and copy Latin Into Old English.

Venerable’s Bede “Ecclesiastical History of English People” (731) was translated under his supervision and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle began.

The best literature of his day was rendered in the West Saxon dialect.

The importance of the kingdoms depends on the king of The kingdom. If he was powerful, then documents were written in that dialect.


Vikings came from Scandinavia but they were Germanic Tribes; they stayed in the British Isles for about 2 centuries.

They did the Same that Anglo-Saxons (they were family) have done for three or four centuries Ago. The come and stayed there.

Anglo-Saxons kingdoms fought against them, because Vikings came and destroyed monasteries and cities. They were powerful.With Alfred the Great, Vikings had to convert To Christianity.

Wessex became very powerful because of Alfred the Great. Vikings was colonizers but they were the same people: the influenceof The Anglo-Saxons were greater than the Roman.

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