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A:  Discuss the symbolism of Shakespeare in BNW

     Shakespear is what helps John understand the worlds that he experiences. He can understand cultural and social difference between the two world

B:  Discuss to what extent we have moved toward Huxley's futuristic vision of BNW  

    In our real world today, people still are brainwashed with catchy phrases that will stick they consumeristic lifestyles into their ways of living. In the BNW, "Ending is better than mending" is one of the phrases that's repeated the most. It pushes and encourages people to buying new products. In a real life situation, let's say someone buys a shirt for $5, but the thread holding the hem of the shirt breaks soon after being purchased. That person is most likely going to just buy another shirt instead of getting out the tools to sew it back up.

    In BNW, wanting privacy is considered weird, and it's normal to share everything about your life with everyone. In many ways i believe it can be argued that with the increase in mobile technology, people have become more anti social. I believe, however, that because of that argument, many people have begun to embrace the ideas that being alone on your phone is a lot weirder than going out and talking and being social.

    Also the use of SOMA as an immediate anti depressant can be related to the increasing legalization of marijuana in our country.

C:  prepare an argument supporting Mustapha

    Society is filled with peace. People never suffer through old age nor unfulfilled desires. Just like Mustapha says, you have to stick to one set of postulates, otherwise calling people "degraded" would be reasonable. From our perspective, the people living in the BNW are in a mental slavery. But really, people are raised with "inherent" qualities that are basically just undermined by however the society is structured. And once you come to understand this, then the rest is easy. Everybody is happy, soma keeps them relaxed, and they are feeling a sense of satisfaction that to us may seem false but to them seems just as real as our own forms of satisfaction.

D:  prepare an argument supporting John

The BNW isn't a utopia. It's gotten rid of everything that's difficult, by "abolishing the slings and arrows", which restricts the potential for people to ever have stronger feelings and experiences. A perfect example of this is love, something that doesn't exist in the BNW. It's becuase of how hard is to achieve that makes it nonexistent in the BNW. Love entails many problems and changes that need to be faced, including breaking up with or being broken up with someone. Love is constantly searching for a relationship that works, and it 100% of the time involve struggles that need to be dealt with before it can be achieved. Basically, it's things like this that make lives worth living, and the people in the BNW aren't even given the chance to think about their purpose and other bigger ideas like that

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