English Sheet 2 Jeopardy

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1.10,000 say i at a glance (name the poem):daffodils

2.history is ___________:bunk

3.Porphyria's lover:Something about her hair 3 times

4.He climbed through the darkness, to the twilight air, unloading __________ behind him:hell

5.Which poem had the Apostrophe To The Sea in it:Child Harold's Pilgrimage

6.Gulliver's voyage to this island where the people were 6 inches tall made him feel

        something (idk what it was, probably huge or something):Lillput

7.Ending is better than ________:mending

8.SOMA is Christianity without _________:tears

9.Dulce et decorum est pro partria moria =:Old Lie

10.I am half sick of __________:shadows

11.He found beauty in slimy eels (name the poem):Mariner

12.Who found pleasure in the pathless wood (name the poem):

Child Harold's Pilgrimmage

13.Tennyson hoped to meet his __________ when he crossed the bar:pilot

14.What's the birth control belt in BNW called?:The Malthusian Belt

15.Not waving but ___________:drowning

16.The ripple effect of violence was demonstrated in which poem?:The Diameter of

 the Bomb

17.Robert Browning is famous for what type of poetry?:dramatic dialogue

18.getting and spending we lay waste our __________:power

19.Who weave a magic web....(name the poem):Lady of Shallout

20.Dying young is better for who:athletes

21.Political factions were formed over which side of "these":eggs

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