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  • Ambiance: atmosphere    -   Lure: offer for something

  • Abound: exist in great quantities

     -  Meticulously: carefully kept

  • Afflicting: hurting      -  Perennial: lasting for long time

  • Aboard: on board   -  Quest: long search for something

  • Backdrop: The scenery or landscape of a certain place

  • Bid: command              -  Ruthless: showing no pity

  • Biannual: Twice a year-  Retrieve: bring back

  • Biennial: Once every two years  - 

    Staggeringly: overwhelming

  • Bleak: lacking vegetation-  Starvation: lack of food,

  • Breed: species, reproduce   -  Set off: begin a journey

  • Bemused: confused - Silver tongue: ability to convince

  • Cease: stopped   -   Sanctuary: safe place, refuge

  • Come across: look like                           

    Turn something over: think

  • Cluster: group of similar things close together

  • Dismal: lonely, empty, melancholy           

    Subtle: Clever and indirect

  • Doomed: bound to have a negative result

  • Dilemma: argument      

    Precipitous: very steep/done quickly no thinking

  • Enticing: alluring        -   Muted: soft in color/no sound

  • Effectually: useful, adequate    

  • Eerie: scary, bizarre       

    Zealously: Showing strong/energetic support

  • Exult: feel triumphant

    Chronology: Order series of events

  • For want for food: hunger     

    Permeate: pass or spread through

  • Foolhardy: not daring, stupid- Brink: edge of something

  • Fail by whisker: Fail by very little

  • Gauged: appraise, judge

  • Gloom: despair

  • Gully: ravine formed by action of water

  • Habitation: shelter

  • Hindering: cause delay or interruption

  • Haste: excessive speed


    Who                          Even if                        and

    Which                      Although                        or

    That had                   As                                but

    Whichever            Before/After

    Whoever                 Once

    Whom                      Unless


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