Enumarate the content of marketing plan and the processes the company should use of moving its customer from awareness of it's product up to purchase to satisfaction

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marketing-set of processes for creating,communicating,exchanging and delivering offerings that have value for customers.benefits,adds value for the customer,supports company branding,identifies opportunities and trends,precised decision,helps monitor competitors.Market researchthis is when an organisation will perform research on an intended market of expansion or to launch new products.research methods-primary(questionnaire,hall test,group interviews,focus groups,surveys,market experimentation)secondary(internet,books,newspapers,news sources).importance research Information you collect allows you to better understand your customers and build promotion and marketing strategies that work,ability to tailor your marketing approaches allows you to have increased customer satisfaction and appreciation as they feel their input is being considered,Better Understanding of your market and its customers presents new opportunities for your business which means you can create a more profitable business from the outset due to this increased understanding and utilisation of opportunities.Marketing mix aspect of business a marketing team must consider.Product mix-elements(new product development ,update/changes to existing product,extensions lengthen product line,branding)branding is the overall identity for a product and how the business establishes the overall identity.benefits branding,recognition-through well designed and professional brand that allows to appreciate your goals.memorability through catchy,well created logo allow easy remembrance.loyalty built up as consumers will associate your brand with this impression,customer retention.Premium pricing and image,when you provide a premium service you can chance premium rates for your products,reduced marketing expenses since you are well known.promotional mix, important component of market as it can boost brand recognition,it is comprised of various elements(advertising,direct marketing,sales promotion,PR,personal selling.Choosing a promotional mix focuses on several factors about the business in question(what message are you trying to send?this is important as you need to understand your market and customers before being able to craft a personal message through promotion//if for example your market is inclined for humorous content,then focusing your marketin this style will benefit the business by being able to relate with consumers,it would increase profits.what resouces are available to the business?need to find the resources and funds to better craft promotional mix ,marketing budgets show up financial records,consideratio to this will result in increased investme

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