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One the things that worries people most Nowadays is the environment. In the last few decades, humans have been Polluting way too much, which has had a negative effect on the environment. For This reason, we must protect it from now on.

First, we ought to start playing attention to The 3Rs: reduction, reuse and recycle. By doing so, we will reduce the quantity Of rubbish, we will not throw away so many things and we will be able to Recycle most of our waste.

Second, a very good idea is to stop using cars So much and start cycling or walking a little more. For example, instead of Commuting by car, we can try to do it on foot or by bike.

Finally, if we really want to change things, we Should teach young pupils about the dangers pf contamination and pollution. It’s the only way to change the future, because they are the future citizens of The world.

In conclusion, I believe that if we do these Three things, we can still prevent humans from destroying the environment.

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