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Sport is a game or regulatory activity, typically it has a competitive character, improving physical and mental condition of the practitioner and has recreational properties, which differences of simple training. There is no definition of sport, it is a variation of the concept according to the source used. SAR defines as physical activity, exercised as a game or a competition, whose practice involves training and support of standards. It is also a recreation, hobbies, leisure fun or exercise, usually outdoors.

Regular and systematic realization of sports is proven to be beneficial in the prevention, development and rehabilitation of health, as well as a means to forge the character, discipline, decision making and compliance with the rules benefiting the development of most environments in everyday life.

Today this view is accepted by many, however the long time has had its periods of boom and regression. Most people can benefit from physical activity on a regular basis. Often people think they get enough exercise at work, others are too old and others that his physical condition is too bad to try to recover. Obesity, diabetes or physical disabilities may be reasons that discouraged to start doing sport, but often it is laziness or pains that keep trying.

At present there appears to be sufficient evidence to prove that those who lead a physically active life can get a long list of health benefits such as lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality and also by smoking.


It is understood by all that environment affects a living being and especially affects the life circumstances of people. It includes all natural, social and cultural values existing in a bind and a certain time, that influence human life and future generations. That is, it is not only the space where life unfolds but also in living beings, objects, water, soil, air and relations between them as well as such intangibles as culture elements.

It consists of natural elements like plants, water, air.,. And artificial as houses, bridges ... All material things in the world have a structure that makes them what they are. There are also elements of biological nature that includes those things that are the product of man, such as cities and their cultures.

It is important that we get water, food, raw materials used to manufacture things we use daily. The abuse or misuse of natural resources obtained from the environment, we endanger and exhausted. As a result the air is too worn, the ice blocks melt and animals are becoming extinct by excessive hunting and fishing. Some factors that also threaten our environment are: ozone depletion, landscape degradation, deforestation and logging, contamination of soil and water and annoying noises.

To help the environment, first I would like to have the waste and sort them into their respective containers, in order to work with the environment. It is everyone did that, there would be less pollution of rivers ... Secondly more use of public transport, because the smoke from cars and motorcycles produce smoke for the ozone layer or cycling. I think if we all work together, we will have a cleaner planet because if you are not careful, we'll have serious problems.


Every so often, the media of different coat draw a story with a study on new technologies and excessive use produce pathologies and disorders in users warning people that besides being irreversible are increasing. Being hooked to mobile or being addicted to the Internet are the most harmful consequences of which we talk more. The nomofobia or panic not be connected to the internet or mobile, techno anxiety, phantom vibration syndrome etc ... Are some of the characteristics of the clinical picture presented this technological dependence.

Each technology is born and develops is associated with a new pathology. It happened with phone, television, console and now ICT are the information and communications technology.

Some advantages of the new technologies can be: the reunion with known matchmaking or interesting friendship nonprofit, share special moments with people close to our lives, to have updated information about topics of interest, real-time communication and many more things that provide us with our daily lives.

But instead there are also some disadvantages, which can be: people who do not set their privacy expose their private lives, lack of data control, addictive, eat most of our time, used by criminals to make our data as abuse and many other things that make us doubt technologies.

In conclusion are called Internet addicts have a profile of between 19 and 30 years with a high educational level, which spends more than 30 hours connected to the network, to chat or play. In Spain there is a 6% of which is estimated that most of them are under 14 years. Those affected by addiction interne syndrome often have high connection times, they are isolated from their environment and neglect their obligations both family and work.

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