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Some people think thatsmoking is not dangereous. In my opinion, smoking can
produce a lot of illnesses like lung cancer and so on. Hoever, a lot of people in the
world smoke continiously until they died.
Other people think that smoking only a few cigarettes a day is not good because
even it can help the heart to work better later.
People who are desesperate fell better when they smoke and if these people
smoke a cigar they even fell better, so they are addit people. For addict people
smoking is good because tobacco can keep them calm a lot for a moment.
Really people because they like but it isn’t good for our lives and for our
society. (122 Palabras)

Every member of my family does different things on Sunday. The first is my father, he
usually goes hunting on Sunday, and he wakes up very early, about half past six in the
morning. He goes to his village and he doesn’t come back until nine o’clock in the evening.
Then he has dinner and goes to bed, because he has to get up early to go working.
Let’s go with my mother. She gets up at ten o’clock and do the housework. Later she
makes the lunch for me, my sister and for her. Then she does the washing and watches the
television film. She does nothing Sunday evening. Well, she cooks the dinner for all the
family. After the dinner she does the washing up and watches the television. About half past
eleven she goes to bed and sometimes she reads a book.
The next is my sister. She gets up late after a busy Saturday night. So when she gets
up, is time to have lunch. After the lunch she studies, and then she goes out with her
boyfriend and she doesn’t come back until eleven o’clock, because she has dinner with her
boyfriend. When she arrives she has a shower and goes to bed.
My typical Sunday is similar to my sister’s one until the lunch. Then I have a siesta until
half past five and then I go out with my friends until nine o’clock, when I have lunch. After
having dinner I watch the television for two hours and then I go to bed, so I go to bed at
twelve o’clock.
As a result we hardly ever eat all together on Sunday, we only coincide at sleep hour.
(293 Palabras)

If I were rich I would have a lot of money and I wouldn’t have to worry about
anything that were related to spend my own money because when people have
enought money they can buy all the things that they wish. If I were rich I would all
these things but I don’t wish to be rich because it means to be a miserable person who
spend twice than a normal one and rich people often kill themselves.
Anyway, if I were rich I wouldn’t be here writing this composition because rich
people don’t wish to be rich because they are already rich, but there are people who
are rich and wish to be richer than they are.
But being the richest man in the world don’t mean being the happier one
because I’m happy now and I’m not the richest man in the world.
Finally I would lik to say that mony is not the most important thing in our lives.
(167 Palabras
FRIGTENING EXPERIENCE It was some years ago that I was having dinner with all my friends in my house and whilw we were eating one of my friends suggested going to the cemetery to record people spirirts’ voices. We thought he was pulling our leg but then we realized that he really wanted to go to the cemetery and we took it seriously. Most of us didn´t want to go there because the cemetery at night is a spooky place. So Paco, the one who talked about going to the cemetery, tried to persuade... and he did it and on hour later we were at the cemetery’s front door. Logically the door was locked and we had to jump over the fence. When we were inside we couldn´t see anything because we had forgotten to take a torch, so we used our lighters, but what we hadn’t forgotten was the voice recorder. We were very frightened but we went on with our “small adventure” and we put the tape recorder on a big old grey grave wich was the one of a young soldier who died because of a bomb in the civil war. After that we waited for one hour inside the cemetery telling frightening stories, wich scared us more and more. Finally we took the voice recorder in order to listen to what we hadjust recorded. At the beginning it was difficult to understand the voices in the tape but at the end we were able to understand how a voice said continually: “you are going to die”. We were horrified about this and went out of the cemetery fast and went back home. So far we haven´t died yet but I suppose we will die one day (like everybody) so we didn’t take it seriously. (299 palabras)

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