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1. In my opinion-will be found      2. At th moment-is being carried

3. Nothing-has been done       4. When I-was being shown
5. Most of-must have been presented   6. We were-had been  switched

1. A new gene that controls hair growth has been discovered
2. Their new album was released las weekend
3.Music is being taught to the younger students
4. His nwck could have been broken on that trampoline
5. The newspaper are all going to be recycled

in two diferents ways
1. A)it is said that global warming is geting worse
b)global warming is said to be getting worse
2. A)it is a said that doctors have improved their operating skills in recent years
b)operating skills are sais to have improved in recent years
3. A) it is said that a great flu epidemic is predicted
b)a great flu epidemic is sais to be predicted

1.people are giving
a)lots of money is being given to charities to fight epidemics in africa
b)charities are being given lots of money to fight epidemics in africa
2.The teacher
a)the truth should have been told to the students
b)the students should have been told the truth

1. A scientific
a) it has been reported that the number of cases of meningitis is rising
b)the number of cases of meningitis has been reported to be rising
2. Many people
a)it is thought that science is more important than arts and litersture
b)science is thought to be more important than arts and literature
3. Some sais
a)it was sais that mapping the hman genome was impossible
b)mapping the human genome was sais to be impossible

1. Somebody cut- robert had his cut yesterday
2. Somebdy has- william has alreadyhad his bike fixed
3.Some people-amy has had her bathroom painted
4.A doctor-jo is going to have her eye checked tomorrow
5.Will somebody- will brian have his car washed later?

1. Where did you have your hair restyled?
2. The optician- i have just got my eyesight tested
3. Will you have the tiles on the roof of your garage fixed?
4. Amy wants to get her kitchen painted
5. Gardens- our neightbours are having their lawn replanted

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