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Using memory to transgress limits, for questioning the historical reality of his country. Count the characters' lives were affected by the coup given by the Chilean military forces September 11, 1973. They move through the social and political environment of the time, add the magical elements. In part, the testimony is subject to the fictional family. In the second, several factors lead to revolutionary Marxist candidate, Salvador Allende, became president of Unity Front. Neruda also characters as real, or singer Victor Jara. The support for the coup of the conservative right, Allende's speech after the bombing of the Currency and the new era for military censorship. Social point of view, the novel focuses on a conflict in a seemingly immutable social order begins to crumble, as farm workers and the city are aware of their rights. The violation by men with whom maintain ties of kinship.

Interesting too, that Allende and the family used as a metaphor for the nation. The variety of ideologies in this family. This victory left ended with the seizure of power through force. In this coup, James was shot, raped and tortured Alba, Amanda, was killed and Stephen realized that his country was in a moral and political crisis.

The novel has a character witness and produced on the international scene, an image of Chile to that released by the Pinochet dictatorship.

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