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- Comes from the natural rights of each person and the rights of the intermediate Group as they are all a part of society.

- Everyone has a minimum right of participation in cultural, economic, political Issues of life, which takes in great responsibility.


- Establishes the conditions.

- Respect for the human person and the rights which flow form human dignity.

- Society must provide conditions that allow people to obtain what they aim, According to their nature and vocation.

I. Respect for the Human Person: respect the right that flow from his dignity as a Creature.

II. Equality and Differences among Men:

- Men have the same nature & origin; it’s the ‘talents’ that are not Distributed equally.

- Some have particular ‘talents’ that shall share its benefits with those who Need the talents.

- Every form of social/ cultural discrimination in fundamental personal rights must Be eradicated as it is incompatible with God’s design.

III. Human Solidarity:

- Distribution of goods and remuneration for work.

- The virtue of solidarity goes beyond material goods.

- It spreads spiritual goods and faith too.

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