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Non-current assets:Intangible assetsSoftware,patents,accumulated Amortization of intangible assets.Tangible assets:Land and natural Assets,Buildings,Techical facilities,Machinery,Equipment/tooling,Furniture,Computer Technologies,Transport elements,Accumulated amortization of tangible assets.Real Estate investments:Investments in land and natural assets,Building Investments,Accumulated amortization of real estate investments.Long-term Financial investments:long-term financial investments in equity instruments.Current Assets:Inventories:Goods,Raw materials,Finished products,OtherTrade Receivables:Clients,Clients with  Bill of exchange receivable,Debtors,Debtors with bill of exchange Receivable,Short-term financial investments in equity instruments,Public Finance by different concepts.Cash and equivalents:Banks and financial Institutions,Cash

Owner’s Equity and liabilities:Equity:capital,legal reserves,voluntary reserves,statutary Reserves,profit and loss of the financial year.Non-current liabilities:long-term loans with financial Entities,long-term suppliers of fixed assets,debenture(long-term bonds).Current liabilities:suppliers,suppliers With bill of exchange payable,creditors by provision of services,creditors with Bill of exchange payable,public finance creditor by tax concepts,creditor Organisms of social security,short-term loans with financial Entities,short-term suppliers of fixed assets.

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Equity items