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A letter dissapointed

Dear Editor
I was dissapointed to read your article on the 9th of February "Young people are lazy and impolute". I'm tired of reading false stories that all young people are uncaring, lazy or impolite when this is not true.
I am a person who studies and works at the same time. I also care about my family, friends. I consider myself a responsible girl.
Moreover, in my free time I like to have fun and go out with my friends.
On the other hand, all of my friends study or work and they are concerned about their future.
In summary, not all young people are lazy and rude, what's happening is that people classify all young people without knowing the person.
Yours faithfully.
Ramona Cifuentes

A letter to complain
Dear editor/ Sir/Madam,
I am writing to complain about your review on the decision to not build a new sports center.
In my opinion, there were a lot of errors in the review. For example, It said that in the village there are many places to do sport. However, the village has very few sports facilities and people do not have the possibility to do sport when they want. Secondly, the review suggested that the old sports center is in an excellent location. The sports center is really just outside the village. In fact, my friends and I go on a bus because it's so fan. I would tell your readers not to be put off by your review. This village needs to improve the quality of life of it's citizens.
Yours faithfully. Ramona
A letter to response and suggestion JUNK FOOD
Dear Sir/Madam, 
I am writing to response your article. I think that the experiment is very interesting because with this investigation you can confirm that junk food is addictive.
First of all, I would like to give my opinion about junk food. I think that people like this type of food because is very fast, ccheap and delicious. Moreover, when you eat this food you feel good and satisfied because you are full with not much money. Secondly, I believe that we have to promote healthier eating habits because junk food is very harmful for our health.
I would to suggest you to make a media compaign in schools to show your experiment because I think that you can make aware children the importance to have a healthier eating habits. Thank you for considering my suggestion. Yours faithfully, Ramona

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