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Living alone: All that glitters is not gold

As young adults, we seek for independence. We want to get rid of our parents' control and rules, and most of the times we think that the best way to achieve our autonomy is to live on our own. We feel that living alone will be the "perfect lifestyle" for us: we get our freedom and rights at last! However, it also brings many responsibilities and some difficulties.
In the first place, when we live alone we may not want to care about keeping things in their places or cleaning the house very regularly. Nobody else will be there to complain about how disorganized we are. But the time will surely come when we have to do the cleaning up or get lost in the middle of a chaos. It is true that we can make as much a mess as we like, but then we'll have to put things in their places again.
Secondly, even when we can choose what to eat and so have the opportunity to have our favorite food for lunch and dinner every day of the week, we find ourselves to be the ones in charge of going grocery shopping and cooking! If we don't like cooking or we are bad at it, this aspect of living alone will become a drawback, too.
Thirdly, living alone frees us from our parents, but once we have our "independence" from relatives, we get trapped by taxes and expenses. We have to pay for everything in our own house: the electricity, the gas, the telephone service, etc. In other words, our freedom has a great price!
So in brief, we can conclude that living alone has many bright sides, but it also has some disadvantages that we may take into account if we are planning to leave our parents' "nest"  to live on our own.

Mobile phones, a great invention

Nowadays, more than 50% of the population has a mobile phone. What is the cause? The mobile phone has changed the form in which we work and we live our lives. Every time there is more people that uses the mobile phone to work and for that reason the great demand of the product.
One of the main advantages of the mobile phone is that you can call to any part of the world. Another advantage is that you always can be located with this device if you have any emergency.
One of the main disadvantages would be sometimes the unnecessary use that young people give to the mobile phone, they become addict. Another disadvantage would be the lack of time in our lives and for that reason we depend more on the telephone.

I really think that it is a great invention, according to the use that we want to give to phone. Utility or dependency? That is the great problem.

What do you think has been the most important invention ever?

How could I answer this question? I think it is the most difficult question to solve, because, how can I choose between: electricity, which is the main way of using the energy in the world; genetic theory, in which are based new investigations to cure a lot of illnesses like cancer or diabetes; penicillin, with which millions of lives have been saved; and Gutenberg's printing press, which has taken the culture around the world.
However, if I have to choose one I think the most important invention is electricity because it is part of our life. We realize of this when there is a powercut and we can't watch television, we can't use the computer or any electrical appliance for example the microwave, washing machine or the dishwasher. We can do nothing if we don't have electricity.
On the one hand, we can't communicate with anybody because the telephone and internet don't work. And on the other hand we can't use the public transport. Things that nowadays we don't know how to live without them.
In conclusion, it seems to me that electricity is basic in our lives, but in addition as a result of this, new important inventions have been possible. So electricity has made the world into what we know today.

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