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vocabulario-EJ1.1.Take place. 2.Tend to. 3.Change your ways. 4.It's a pity. 5.Got info trouble. 6.A white lie.-EJ2.1.For. 2.To.3.About. 4.In. 5.For-EJ3.1.Sad. 2.Disappointed. 3, many. 4.Many-EJ4. 1.He's used to. 2.Used to be. 3.I am used to. 4.Got used to-EJ5.1.Sequel. 2.Plot. 3.Special effects. 4.Box-office hit. 5.Remarkable sucess. 6.Cast. 7.Portrayal of character. 8.Audiences.-EJ6.1.Are injured. 2.The/was seen. 3.Produced. 4.Can be bought.5. He hasn't told. 6.Haven't they already chosen. 7.Was repaired/had been repaired. Gramatica-EJ7.1.He is thought to be a brillant musician. 2.The refreshments will be provided by the organisers. 3.I wasn't told the truth (by him). 4.A free ticket was given to each passenger by the airline. 5.Sam was not given a chance to speak. 6.Was had our flat painted (by someone).-EJ8.1.She didn't feel very well. 2.Peter's doctor advised him not to travel. 3.Sue told me she had to leave by three o'clock.-EJ9.1. Their flight attendant informed the passangers that their flight would arrive at seven. 2.Ordered me to return those books. 3.I admitted mum to have broken her glasses. 4.Jill wanted to know if bob had returned from his holiday. 5.Complained that he didn't want to go to bed.-EJ10.3.If it hadn't been so cold we would have gone swimming. 4.I said to her not to talk to me again. 5.Nothing has been touched while you've been away. 6.As soon as I see him I will invite him. 7.If I were you I would invite Mark to the party. 8.He might have forgotten our meeting.

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