Que es biome

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Characteristics : animals ,plants ,soil and climate.Clasification :

-Tundra: temperaturas are worm in Winter also vegetation mosses and Other low lying plants survive and animal diversity is low. –Taiga: temperatura are cold in Winter But in summer are humid warm, also vegetation coniferous tres and animals Mammals have heavy fur coats to wintstand the winters.

-Tropica:l rain forest the temperature is warm and abundant rainfall And the vegetation lush thick forests. –Desert: The temperature is very dry also animals are nocturnal and vegetation cacti Store water or have deep root systems .

-Temperate grassland : is warm in summer during Winter fall snow also Vegetation are short or tall grasses and animals live ground to survive the dry And windy conditions. –Tropical grassland : warm ,vegetation scatterd tres also shubs and animals herbibores dominate This biome. –Temperate decidous forest: temperaturas In summer are warm but cold in Winter also vegetation the deciduous tres lose Their leaves in Winter. –Temperate rain Forest: wet season ,dry summer also amimals remain active in the Winter others Migrate to warmer climates or hibenate and the vegetation evergreen conifer Retain leaves

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