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management-proceses of leading a company envolving the 4 basic managing functions in order to achieve a goal.activities by managers-establish schedules,recruit employees,control incoms,keep the company updated,divide salary,respond in the name of the company.Planning-select goals and ways to attain them.Organize-assign responsability for task accomplishment.Lead-use influence to encourage empolles through guidance.control-monitor activities,make connections and follow up.performance of MF-attain golas,products,services,efficency and effectivenes.Resources of MF 

human,financial,technoological,information.Managerial competencies are person skills to be effective in a organization.communication-is the ability to effectively transfer and exchange information that leads to understanding  between yourself  and the othersto,dimensions:negotiation,informal  and formal communicationmulticultural,understand,aprreciate and respond to other persons nneed.Dimensions:financial,ehuman resource,costumer service,office mteamwork-accomplish task through small groups of people who are collectively responsable and whose  job requires coordination individual:respectful,leadership,communication,listening. team:mentoring,colaboration,conflict,resolving. Dimensions: designing teams properly,creating a supportive team envioroment and managing team dynamics appropriately.strategic-anticipating,visions,ideas,plant to achieve a goal dimensions: understanding the industry ,understanding the organization,taking strategic actions.selfmanagement-and ethical conduct ,p refers to developing yourself and taking responsability for your life at work and beyond.. Dimensions: integrit behavior statements,manage emotions,manage time admin and planning-how to achieve a task,monitoring progress,allocation. Dimesions : information gathering,anaylisis and problem solving.Planning and organizing projects,time mamgement,budgeting and financial management

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