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Philosophy (philos.amor, attraction / sophia.sabiduria): Science totalizing, anything that moves the curiosity of man / man must find the reason for their existence / is based on the ratio / is grounded / tries to make the world best / first philosopher Thales philosophical thesis makes the first all water comes from because everything needs water. Anaximenes. Everything comes from the air. Empedocles. pluralist philosopher. Air water earth and fire. BRANCHES. Aesthetics (beauty), logic (reasoning correct) ontology (study of being) epistemology (knowledge) psychology (soul and thought.) Ethics: studies human acts relating to good and evil. is for the happiness, the good life: Socrates (father of ethics) BASIC PRINCIPLES: do good and avoid evil, respect you and your neighbor before doing razonar. / To get to the good life must autoconocerce / a person of character is a free person / god is the true wise / not afraid of death / STEPS TO THE GOOD LIFE: 1) self 2) self-care by: a. - b.-andreia wisdom (value) c. -strength or self-control or intellectualism d.-justicia./Sócrates moral determinism proposes "no one does evil-hearted" man is naturally good, "" ignorance is the source of evil in the world "to look good, you will attracted to the "Aristocles (PLATON) was born 482-347 BC / main commentator Socrates / sleeve: philosophical idealism and realism" reality consists of 2 fields: ideal world (the highest place of heaven) and the shadow of that world (we are to improve ourselves spiritually) "/ DOXA: all we can get out of this world is superfluous, unsupported racional. / most beautiful part of the man: soul, the eyes are the mirror of the soul / Socrates takes up concepts / practices maieutics: you get to the truth in dialogue / talk about politics (the state is like a very large soul: intellectual philosophers iyascible-leader of the army, others concupiscible-) / claimed the woman / speaks of 3 types of : children of gold - were the most intelligent and educated to philosophers silver children - were smart and educated for the military, children bronze - not so smart and had the opportunity to choose their PROFESSION. / measures eugenic: to make a perfect race free of defects / education is essential, beginning physical education classes. Aristotle 384-322a.C. born in Macedonian / platter most prominent pupil / teacher of Alexander the Great / the death of Plato founded the Lyceum "/ All that exists is due to 1.-material cause, formal cause 2.-(identity), 3. "final cause (meets goal), 4.-efficient cause (the need). / SOULS: vegetativa.-funsiones basic animal .- da movement, intellectual or rational thinking .- ... HUMAN BEING: IS THE ONLY .----- K turns 3 that each agency is working properly there is life. / Rejects innate experiences / empirical philosophy: nothing happens in the mind that has not passed through the senses. / Father of empiricism old / HAPPINESS, indoor and outdoor wellness (emotional stability), we reach happiness through virtue (good habit) / SHYNESS weakness, complete lack of character, lack of courage. / behave according to the circumstances ....
HESCUELAS Hellenistic OBJECTIVE: To help men find ataraxia (unruffled soul, peace at all), emerges at the end of the fourth century BC / Avoid pain / non-attachment, etc..STOICISM The passions and feelings lead man to suffer for k and k were removed, happiness has more to do with internal peace, first school to form a deontological ethics (deon = duty) KATHEKONES: goods that by nature man must meet: 1st kathe: a rational, thinking before acting. The 2nd kathe: honoring and respecting others, everyone has dignity. 3rd kathe: fulfilling duties in society. Kathe the 4th: I can not affect myself by helping others because then it would be an immoral act. / Accept with resignation what can not be changed / were fatalistic thought there was a destination / Your representative Marco Aurelio stronger which says that nothing should affect you. / must be impeccable in what we do. EPICURES founded by Epicurus, "The pleasures are vain and useless" / reach ataraxia is basic and necessary / friendship is the most perfect love / fear leads to suffering / The well readily available / evil is easy to avoid / death is not feared nor gods / friend is selfless, guides you toward the right, I corrected and lasts forever. / the farther the better policy. CYNICISM social conventions and morality are harmful / act according to ethics and virtue / act always respect and respect for others / children and young animals are a source of wisdom / modesty goes against human nature / Alejandro magno greatly admired Diogenes. ECLECTICISM The truth is not in a single theory, one must take what is useful from each and form a new theory. EDON immediate pleasures lead to happiness.

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