Espartero triennium

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The 1868 revolution: Monarchy become unpopular. Progressive leberals, Democrats and libelar Union signed the convenant of "Ostend to promote Democratilisation of economy recovery. Causes of revolutipn: The monarchy and Moderates towards favouritism meant the Queen was unpopular, this was compuoned By a economic crisis, moderate and progressive liberals formed a monopoy Prevented other parties in the gorver. The biggining of the revolution The Uprising "La Gloriosa marked the bigin of the revolution against the Monarchy was led by general Juan Prim, Gen. Francisco Serrano andAdmiral Tpete. In the battle of Alcolea finally forced Issabella 2 into evile. Provisonal Goverment: formed provis. Goverm., cretae new cortes and the constitution of 1869 establishes parliamentary monarchy universal male suffrage, individual Rights ans separation of church and stat. The first carlist war(1833-1830) Nobility clergy and peasants from the northeast of Spain supported Carlism, They want the absolute monarch and the Ancien Regime.Carlist absolutist Defended Ferdinand 6 brother, D. Carlos. Isabella 2 supportes more diverse, Regent M Cristina sougt out the supported of liberals they seeing it as an Opportuny to constitutionak monarchy. The liberal army finally triumphed and The Civil War end. The Convention of vergana marked end of war. Liberlal Reforms: Ma. Critina suopported liberal goverment, she handed power to the Progressive liberals, they led by mendizabal. The costituton of 37 was based On(national sovereignity, separation of powers, individual rights, separation Chrch and stat) also includ census suffrage, parliament made up of a lower and A upp house. The crown poder also more limited. Therse reforms opened the Capitalism free markest economy, new laws eñimineted privileges, sold church Asstes, and abolished customs and guilds The regency of espartero(40_43) The Moderate liberals was increasingly consevative policies and took the control of The goverment. The support of moderate liberals of Maria cristina made her Unpopular and she step down. General Esparterp wasappointed regent he was hero In the Carlist war, later year isabella took the power

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