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5 types of essays
cause and effect
compare and contrast
descriptive- many details
process narrator- timeline
problem and solution 


1- character/problem/solution narratives

- most common type
-main character or hero has some
kind of struggle or problem
-solves his own problem

-as a result, tu main character has grown or changed in some way

- this personal growth is what the story is abut

2- personal experience narratives

the focul is on an experience, a setting place or an activity
- no story problem
-simple begining middle end witth no tension-very direct
-authn uses vivid lenguage and detailed descreiptions to keep the reader interested

- the reader is to view the story throught the 5 senses of the main character

Differences between expository writing and narrative writing


inform the aufdence
very direct
based on a topic
very organized

narrative :

to- entertain the audience
it,s a story



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