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The Outsiders’ is a novel written by S.E. Hinton and was first published in 1967. The novel deals with ideas of friendship and belonging. “Everyone needs to feel like they belong” is partrayed throughout the main character and his friends actions.

“Everyone needs to feel like they belong” is related to friendship in the case of The Outsiders. The greasers as told in the novel are a gang of teenagers.Teenagehood is a part in your life in which you create strong bonds with people.For someone belonging to a group or in this case a gang is very important. For exaple in the case of Johnny, he suffers physical violence. This is shown when he was punched and hurt by Bob the leader of “the Socs”.In addition Johnny is also a victim of domestic abuse from his parents. Johnny is characterized as a victim. When you suffer like Johnny is very important to belong to a group of people that care about you and like you beacuase it is like having an alternative family.

This is also shown when the main character and Johnny are being chased by the Socs and they start drowning Ponyboy and he goes with his knife and kills the Soc leader Bob. This shows the love Johnny has for Ponyboy that he can risk not only the life of Bob but also his life to save him and that’s a way to show appreciation to Pony.

I hope I could explain the importance of belonging in The Outsiders because they all feel more protected and if something happens in their family they can go with the gang and ”cool off”.

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