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5 types of essays:



3-descriptive->many details



narrative stories: 2 main types

1. character/problem/solution narratives

-most common type

-main characters, or hero, has some hard of struggle or problem

-solves his/her own problems

-as a result, the main characters has grown or charged in some way

-this personal growth is what the story is about

2.personal experience narratives

-the focus is on an experience, a setting (place) or an activity.

-on history problem

-simple begining,middle,end with no tersion->very direct

-author used vivid language and detailed descriptions to keep the reader interested

-the reader is to view the history through the 5 scenes of the main character

*common error of type 2: the personal experience is not that of the winter, but of the main character.

-both types of narrative stories are interested to entertain an audience of others.

DIFFERENCES between expository writing and narrative writing.
 -inform the audience -to entertain the audence                    
 -very direct -indirect
 -based on a topic -it's a story
 -very organised 

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