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Essay on employment in the future

Nowadays All the cities of the world are suffering the problem of unemployment. However There are many factors on which we can base this problem. This essay will seek To argue how employment is going to be in the future highlighting the factor That most concerns today: the importance of the new technologies and how are They affecting in the labour sector.

On the one Hand, some jobs are threatened by redundancy and others grow rapidly. Existing Jobs are also going through a change in the skill sets required to do them. However, New technologies do not mean the automatic dismissal of people at work. Instead, It means that there is a great breakthrough in the field of research. For instance, Although some companies are changing their workers by machines it is also Necessary to think that someone has to design this kind of machine, someone has To program them and another person will have to put them into practice. What is More, it is completely understandable that the world is being modernized in Every aspect and so should be the labour sector.

On the Other hand people should be ready to think in this new era we are living and Also being better prepared for the demand that is arising nowadays. It is true That this situation is not easy for people without any studies but at the same Time it has to be seen as a way of prosper. In this way, future employment will Be more comfortable and it can even be exercised from home. It will have much Less physical effort and it will make people squeeze their brains to keep Improving. For example, it is much more comfortable for a teacher to teach Students with a digital screen in which they can display all kinds of videos to Show better examples and thus create a more entertaining learning.

Overall, I Think that there is a positive outlook for employment across most industries, With jobs growth expected in several sectors. However, it is also clear that This need for more talent in certain job categories is accompanied by high Skills instability across all job categories. That is why we must be mindful For the change. 

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