the establishement of nacism in germany

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-After the war, Germany was organized democratically in the so-called Weimar Republic.

-The Treaty of Versailles had imposed harsh conditions to Germany the postwar period. Was misery, umployement and social unrest, which resulted in movements revolutionary character(Spartacus) and the formation of groups of extreme right.
-In 1920, Hitler joined the national Socialist Party and the book My Struggle (mein Kampf). He established its antidemocratic ideology, anti-Bolshevik, anti-Semite and supporter of great German Empire.
-In Germany, social unrest arising from the 1929 crisis facilitated the success of the proposals of extremist parties.
-In 1932, the Nazi Party won 12 million votes, and Hitler became chancellor of Germany. In 1934, Fuhrer and Chancellor of the Third REich was proclaimed.

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