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VIIempieza Fernando's reign in 1808. with the start of the decade was absolutist Spanish formal university curriculum by 1824, Calomarde Plan.
this plan was a major achievement in college, boosting its government transformed the figure of the rector, while limiting it to the cloister (the process of centralization). teachers ought to sound doctrine and example of good conduct and be responsible aprovechamieno of their students access to the chair was in opposition in which valued the human, moral and politics and as the academic. there were 3 types of teachers: owners, substitutes and teachers should organize sustitutos.el double class and give the government accountable.
The Plan of 1824 covered both the selection for university entrance as human and scientific training in order to form new men, the tests were becoming public.
1836 plan was published in the Duke of Rivas, liberal decade, although I fail to consolidate the ideological principles applied, pedagogical and political liberal reform. Organize instruction into 3 grades: primria, secondary education and 3rd, each of the first 2 in elementary and sperior and public and private. ua establishing a central national school of public institution where it would take teachers and other normal schools in each province.
in 1838 continues with the 1836 amendments to the Plan, the law of elementary instruction, here it is determined that every 400 residents should be a primary school and public elementary neighboring superior cad 1400. is opened on request for free primary education in elementary and some outstanding grants for higher classification. in turn open schools for adults and toddlers.
in 1845, and with the triumph of the moderates became public Pidal plan as ensñanza noting the state law. bases were:
-secularization, separation of education and the clergy, the state would be free dle schools and private church.
- Universality. - Academic freedom - centralization
to validate the titles of the schools, students should be discussed in schools.
Project in 1855 brought new elements Alonso Martinez liberal wing of the education system reform, picked up the moderate liberal tradition and called for the free primary education and increased output of special races. introduced the dependence of public education ministry building as well as the interference of government inthe private schools to protect and guarantee the teaching.

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