Exam test answers, the violation of Auschwitz

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1. C. The Polish violinist who plays a violin unknown

2.b. The cellist and pianist of the trio of the narrator
3.b. Cabinetmaker and violate
Three years 4.c.
5.a. Work at the factory of military
Bronislaw 6.b.
7.a. Because he feels, not a number or an object of mockery
8.b. be used in an experiment of Dr. Rasch
9.c. The morning and afternoon devoted to the violin at the factory

10.b. Leave the lid and put to work in the grip of the violin

11.a. The loaded into trucks and they suck gas from the diesel engine

12.b. To her niece Regina is in the shelter

13.a. What in Sauckel and Rasch have a bet on his violin

14.b. that Major has a greater than Rasch and Rasch not understand genetics, violins
15.c. The removal of the wedges that hold the violin mold
16.b. The razor, make them a tattoo, the shower sprayed with disinfectant and

17.b. An official Wermacht
18.a. In Bronislaw, violinist friend of Daniel

19.c. After months in hospital, he recovered when he Freund took his violin

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