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When I was little, I would be About 6 or 7 years old, I went with my mother to visit an aunt of his. I was Bored like any girl visiting older people, so I decided to go to the second Floor on my own and play there. I went up and found a large balcony, with high Sliding glass doors, and floating and fragile curtains on them. I decided that It would be fun to turn under them, and then walk to run my face like a veil. Things of young children. The problem was that those curtains were attached to The stairs and there was no railing. There was nothing to do, a hard fall down Those stairs would have been more than painful, but I didn't think about it While playing.  /I started spinning again under The curtains, unable to see anything and started walking. Then I felt a hand That grabbed the back of my shirt, strong enough for me to stop walking, Suddenly I felt another hand very different from the other that pulled back the curtain I had on my face, leaving see that I was right on the edge of the Stairs, about to fall. 


Then, when I turned around, Thinking that it was my mother or her aunt who had grabbed me, I saw that I was Alone in that room, that there was no one, nothing. So I was so scared that I Went downstairs screaming. It was then that my mother's aunt decided to tell me That about 80 years ago, a woman, a few days after her wedding, lost her life On the second floor. He never hurt anyone, but sometimes they saw her by the Window looking out, or strolling upstairs. Finally, I thank you for helping me And not letting my head break down the stairs.

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