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Sound: is a sensation in our brains produced through the ears which pick up vibrations of sound-producing bodies.

Musical sound: waves with a regular frequency that can be numbered in waves per second. This wave make up MUSICAL SOUND.
Noise: Vibratory waves with irregular frequencies.
DIFFERENCE SOUND AND NOISE: is that musical sound has a frequency that can be measured in waves per second, whereas noise is so irregular that it cannot really be measured.
Pitch: Is one of qualities of sound that enable you to distinguish whether it is hight or low.
Staff: Te set of lines and spaces where ehe notes are placed when writing music.
Clef: It written at the beginning of each line and indicates which note is
qualities enable you to distinguish changes in volume.
Intensity: Qualities of sound that enable you to distinguish changes in volume.
Dynamic: Intensity or volume at which a piece of music should be played.
Dynamic Markings: The signs that normally use abbreviated italian words to indicate changes in intensity
pp= pianissimo= very soft
p= piano= soft
mp= mezzo piano= medium soft
mf= mezzo forte= medium loud 
f= forte= loud 
ff= fortissimo= very loud 
<= crescendo=increasing in volume/Intensity
>= diminuendo= decreasing in volume/intensity
<>= double harping= combination of the two above 
sfz= sforzando= accentino or stressing the note
Timbre: Quality of sound that allows you to recognize a type of voice or instrument.
WOMEN= Soprano,mezzosoprano, contralto
MEN: Tenor, baritone,bass
Rhythm: Order contrast that is repeated in a regular and contact manner.
Beat: Regular and constant pulse 
PRESTO: Very fast ALLEGRO= Fast  ANDANTE= Moderate ADAGIO= Slow LARGO= Very slow 
Time signature: Where the number tells us the number of beats in a bar and the denominator tells us what kind of note the beat is.

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