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7. Playing music on the Street Is hard work. Unless you were prepared to suffer, you wouldn’t do it.

8. There is serious inflation. Every time I go to the store they’ve triggered the prices.

9. One man who I admire is Bob because He plays the violin in the Paris Metro.

10. All right. I admit I Reacted more dramatically than I should have.

11. I’m convinced that by the End of this century robots will become an accepted part of our Lives.

12. The bank told me their Database was hacked. I find this situation incredible.

13. When he’s driving to the Doctor’s office, Bob started feeling worse.

14. Look at this painting very Carefully. Please note the recurring motif of the blue bird that Symbolizes hope.

15. Get me a hamburger. Oh, Get some ketchup too just to save time.

16. The police are taking the Anonymous calls seriously and are investigating a suspect.

17. If John had Gone to college himself, he would be more concerned about his son’s low Grades.

18. Several zoos in the world try to Reproduce animals’ natural environments.

19. Let’s get something to eat

I can’t. I have to compile All this data to finish the database by three.

20. It hasn’t been so long Since geologists discovered that the continents are drifting apart.

21. Listen carefully. This is A secret. You must always keep this private.

22. I can’t believe what my Brother just did. He’s such a fool.

23. I don’t know why we don’t Put a satellite in the asteroid belt. Mining could be done there.

24. Many people are afraid That in the future their jobs will have been taken by robots.

25. New information about the Possible eruptions is being uploaded by our staff every fifteen minutes.

26. To completely visit the Park you’ll need at least three days.

27. It has been shown than Animals behave differently in zoos and in the wild.

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