Excretion is the elimination of waste substances

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Excretion of CO² by cellular respiration (by breathing/blood...)

Urine: 95% water 5% waste/yellow coloured- urea
Sweat: 99% water

 Renal vein(blue)/renal artery(red)
Cortex\renal pelvis\medulla\ureters \ bladder\urethra

Function: filtration/reabsorbed/excret

Blood: 45% blood cell/ 55% blood plasma

Cells in blood/mm³: white(8000), platelets(250000), red (+5million)

Red: oxygen
Platelets: help stop bledding
White: protect the body from infection

Blood vessels:
Arteries (thick/stronger walls) high pressure, blood goes to...
Veins: thinner , low pressure, from organs to heart
Capillares: thinner(connect)


Myocardium.             Atria 1
                               Ventricle 1
    Ventricle 2 

1atrial contractiin (systole) atriash-ventricles
2 ventricular contraction (systole)ventricles-out
3 diastole (relaxation)out-ralaxation

Medium - aorta
Parts: veins (left(vena cavae) and right(pulmonary artery))

Flow of blood:

Blood exits the heart from right ventricle and travels to lungs trough pulmonary arteries.

Gas exchange→ blood picks up O² and releases CO²

The blood returns to the pulmonary veins, entering the heart at the left atrium.

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