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FRANCE (Hegemony)1. Louis XIV: personal government 2. Paradigm of absolutist Government 3. Deep administration Reform 4. Nobility submission 5. Submission justice courts 6. Control Governments cities 7. Expansionist Foreign policy until 1684 (Regensburg) 8.Since 1684 loses its hegemony

HABSBURG EMPIRE: 1. After Westphalia loss of Imperial power (Germany) 2. Preserves Heritage states: Bohemia + Moravia + Hungary 3. Geographical name 4. Divisiveness among heirs 5. 350 States 6. Elector of Brandenburg 7. Strengthening and powerful army 8. Absolutist model 9. Origin kingdom of Prussia

NORTHERN EUROPE 1. Rivalry for control of the Baltic 2. Ascent Sweden (short) 3. Confrontation with Russia

RUSSIA 1. Romano vs access to the throne 2. The incorporation of Ukraine 3. Siberia expansion (Pacific (1649), Internal Problems: second serfdom, Peter the Great (end of century), Big changes, Westernization And modernization)

POLAND: 1. Jagiellonian dynasty: splendor 2.Serious internal problems 3. Very powerful nobility 4. Peasant Servitude: revolts 5. Military disability 6. Threatened borders 7. Sweden and Russia

ITALIAN PENINSULA: 1. Deep crisis in the Second middle of XVII 2. Demographic Losses 3. Industrial and commercial Crisis 4. Social conflicts 5. Decline

UNITED PROVINCES: 1. Independence of the Spanish monarchy (Westphalia) 2. Dutch Golden Age 3. Amsterdam and Rotterdam 4. Great economic power 5. Maritime trade 6. Prominent cultural center (painting) 7. Political system: evolution towards hereditary monarchy 8. Statuder (executive) 9. Legislative

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