Expedite the economic, cultural and social development of ACP States

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What is a global city? also known as world city is a city generally considered to be an important node in the global economic system. Ex:NY. It is a city that has a big component of transnational elites. Rome is globalized (diversly global) city and its known around the world for its historiical trends, domographic trends and cultural trends such as its image as a center of religion heritage. Rome has been crucial in the development of modern tourism, which is considered 1 of the side effects of econ

Sterotypes:Is to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same. The eternal city (never lasting), Romantic, free and fun &city of layers. Ancient Rome (Silver coin of emporer Hadrian). Limits to sterotypes: partial and essentialists. Another way of looking at rome: living, changing, complex, interdependent. Ecology: is an enviroment that takes into consideration the residents and enviroment. Urban ecology is the same but in the context of an urban enviro.
Ecologies: Mass tourism, archeology, worker, prison, invisible, self-made, exburb, industrial, multicultural city.
Splender, Decadence (4ad-1800), Rebirth- 2 stages: 
1)1820-1920> national identity: The forum begins to resurface in late 1800s because of political imperatives to assert a new national identity centered on the legacy of ancient Rome. 1870, Italy existed as a social expression but not as a nation. Political objec: to create a national identity out of all these local identities. 2) 1920-1940s> Justify the empire, In 1920s italy ruled by facissm (Mussolini). Italy wanted to reaquire power they wanted to have an empire. Creation of Rome of emperors. The result is the social cost of removal of people from their homes. The empire street. Theatro Marchello:1812 was an old Roman ruin readopted.Temple of Apolo. (old&new)
Ideology: a set of attributes & beliefs that characterize the thinking of a group or nation. Urban development: the social cultural, economic and physical development of cities, as well as the underlying causes of these proceses
Cultural heritage:legaccy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a group or society that are inherited from past generations, maintined in the present and bestowed for the benefit of future generations

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